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His home debut was against Blackpool and here he had to face Stanley Matthews; I'm afraid that this too ended in another defeat, 2-0 this time. I know that Bill Kenwright is ridiculed for saying that he started watching from the Boys Pen but, in those days, that was where we served our apprenticeship.

Jock was signed originally to cover for George Rankin, another name that the younger supporters will not be familiar with,.

I will disclose the identity of each substitute as we progress, so Tommy has the dubious honour of being the first substitute.

My choice for left back is a player that the more elderly will be familiar with, the younger readers may not have even heard of his name.

It’s about dedicated physicians not performing life- saving acts of valor: Their hands are tied by the crisis in veterans’ health care — the calamitous lack of funding, the red tape, the increasingly prevalent policy of refusing to cover conditions (such as heart problems) that aren’t directly related to military service.In the ridiculous, shoot-the-works finale, the villainous hospital chief (John Mahoney) is exposed and reprimanded by a high-ranking Washington official.Didn’t it occur to the filmmakers that it’s the government’s policy — and not some hog-tied administrator — that’s responsible for the situation they so glibly assail?I wondered if my memory of Jock had been enhanced by the passage of time, until I stumbled on the tribute that follows:"Cast in the studious mould Jock Lindsay was a thoughtful player who had great craft in his play.One of only two Scottish players on Everton's books in 1951 (the other was Jimmy Mc Intosh), he was signed from Glasgow Rangers for £7,000 by Cliff Britton who saw him as a solid and reliable full back with a flair for the unorthodox.

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