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This is where conversion actions play an important role.

Conversion actions convert between one type of data and another.

From the secondary list at the left, drag Rename Finder Items onto the workspace. In the Add Date or Time pane, click the Add Date or Time drop-down list and choose Make Sequential.

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(The newline character is the default; you can change the separating character programmatically.) The type identifier for a shell script action’s Because shell script actions are limited to single type of data, they might not seem to work well with other actions that accept and provide incompatible data types.

These variables correspond to the keys specified for the Parameters object-controller instance in the nib file.Here’s how it’s done (click an image for a larger view): 1. If you don’t see the folder you’re looking for, click Other in the list and navigate to the desired location. Your choice only really matters if you specify more than one criteria line (steps 9 and 10). If it doesn’t look like what you wanted, play with the settings until you get it right. But it has its limitations, especially when the workflow it’s in is made available to users.Users of the workflow (unless they are power users) may introduce errors into the script if they try to change options.

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