Mother dating vampire

Each one has a personal struggle, and getting past their emotional barriers is hard work, but oh so worth it! I lived in this world for a few weeks, and loved every moment of it. 5.) Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series Cat (half human/half vampire and EXTREMELY rare) hates vampires. Until she meets Bones, and he teaches her a few things about what a vampire really is. Bones is just plain hot, and the jealous reactions from both main characters make for some seriously steamy scenes.

Oh and as you already know, since I keep reminding you, “Z” (Zsadist) is my favorite vampire of all time (and the angriest of them all, too). 4.) Lynsay Sands Argeneau Vampires Extremely romantic, and funny – loved almost every one of them. 5.) Kerrelyn Sparks’s Love at Stake Series Pure candy!

Great initiation to a genre that I know I will never stop reading. I also recently started D B Renolds’ Vampires in America which is really starting to get very good. Anne Rice was writing about Louis and Lestat when i started enjoying the world of vampires….never looked back and always look forward to new and thrilling authors and series. I admit one or two of them lost me but for the most part good fun.

10.) Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series Anita Blake. Hey Lily, I agree about Lynn Viehl and for the most part the list is similar to mine. I needed a breather before I start the last Voyager novel by Diana Galbaldon. And as always start with the FIRST book or you will be So confused! give um a chance, cuz they are quite entertaining to say the least.. UK version is Mitchell, bit rougher looking I think…hmmm, now who to choose,lol! Yes it does take some time to catch up with all the authors, that’s for sure. i’ve read all the series that you have listed in your blog(the favourite paranormal & vampire series) and all of them are really good….i mean there are some personal favourites among all these series but your suggestions are simply amazing…….the sad part is i’ve finished reading almost all of them and need some more of your unique suggestions dear…..i’m sure you have found some great new series in this genre…… The VQ series is much more sexually explicit and of a BDSM twist, so have a caution if it’s not your thing, didnt think it was mine, but hey, who knew,lol! The first book is The Vampire Queen’s Servant, then The Mark of the Vampire Queen (2-parter) I’m sure I got the reading order from Maryse’s blog, so it must be on here somewhere….thanks Maryse…great info!

It’s the whole “love at first site in a bar” thing, but that’s actually what hooked me. It’s about a trio of girlfriends on vacation in New Orleans.

I think that “start” makes this series more real for the readers. One evening, as they peruse the bars, the singer of the band playing that night, catches her eye, and he is bold enough to let her know he’s interested too.

Another group of male vampire warriors protecting their species, and the human population from evil (and there is plenty of it).

I tried to number them in order of favorites, but really, that was too hard since I liked so many of them equally. From sweet and innocent to bad-ass and hungry, my vampire tastes have changed significantly because of Eric.

I am almost through with the third book by Gail Carriger in her “Parasol Protectorate” series. It gives another dimension to the vampire and werewolf characters with the main character being soulless which means she can, with her touch, make a vampire and werewolf mortal while she is touching them.

I did not think I would like them but they were wonderful. Her Vampire Queen series is the best…and I dont say that lightly!! hi i just wanted to thank you for this list i found it a while ago and so far i have picked up several of the series you have suggested and have pretty much loved all of them. All of these vampire/parnormal books have turned me onto the tv shows… It is set in old England where travel was by dirigible.

Against his better judgment (he’s got a few vampire-y secrets up his sleeve), he brings her home for a one night stand, but…well can they keep it to just one night? Imagine my surprise when I “tweeted” with “Ren” (the main character of book#1). This series was actually based on a real band in New Orleans that inspired the author.

Good series if you’re just looking for that camaraderie feel, and some very steamy romance too. As the series progresses, paranormal danger threatens in the background… Of course…the whole “vampire” thing might be made up. *giggle* 9.) Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga No explanation needed cause I’m sure you’ve all heard about it. I just started reading the Goddess Summoning ones and I love them so far.

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