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20 girls were to compete for his heart until only one remained.It resulted in not one, but Each contestant is given a nickname by Flav (he's admittedly not good with names) and is referred to by that nickname for as long as she remains on VH-1.Still hilarious and outspoken, Saaphyri currently has a man, but points out to us, "He has not put a ring on it so I'm still single. 's upcoming series "I got me some new ta-tas and stomach," she told Yahoo TV. Buckwild" data-reactid="76""It's time to get Buckwild! " One of our favorite contestants who came straight out of Upland, Calif., admits her life today is "pretty normal." She's single with no kids and works as a manager for a toy store.After Saaphyri underwent plastic surgery, Buckwild allowed her close friend to stay and recover at her house.While I await the next episode of this season-long romance-novel, however, I will continue to tip my hat to the first black woman of the reality-show era to set her own terms in the search for love, and thank God for my monthly Hulu subscription that allows me to revisit this time-capsule moment, chains and all.[Related: Race and Reality: The Quiet Success of the Black Unscripted Boom]And even though Flav ended the third (and final) season reunion in 2008 with a shocker (he met a woman away from the show that he's in love with?!It’s difficult to explain the pure wondrousness of those 25 episodes for those who didn’t watch in real time: Every week a bevy of men from all walks of life competed for the adulation of a regular black girl from around the way.

"Krazy" data-reactid="95"Despite some harsh criticism from her fellow contestants during the show, Krazy has continued to pursue a career in music. "I will always have a lot of love for him."How she feels about contestant New York, on the other hand, may be a different story. But that is why everyone loves to hate New York."Smiley" data-reactid="115"Happily married to a doctor and raising her three children, Smiley is now focused on her education.Brigitte guest-starred on 'Flavor of Love' as well. It centers around Public Enemy Hype Man and Large Ham Flavor Flav finding true love, after his breakup with Brigitte Nielsen.June 14, 2016: Stevie J has been searching FAR AND WIDE for a replacement for estranged “wife” Joseline Hernandez. Media Take confirmed that DEELISHIS is his new girlfriend, and there’s more.According to Media’s TOP SNITCH in production – we’ve learned that Deelishis signed on to LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA. Guess that’s a big step up from winner of that other VH1 reality show, Flavor of Love 2.

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