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The athlete was stretching her legs on the platform when a policeman approached her and asked to see some ID.A ticket inspector had informed Detective Sergeant Sömmering that a woman sitting on the train was actually a man.Documents Suggest Nazis Didn't Know Dora Was Male The previously unknown police file contains statements by Ratjen and his father as well as a lot of material gathered by the authorities, including several letters to Reich Sports Minister Hans von Tschammer und Osten.However it contains not the slightest shred of evidence of the alleged plot.The Ratjen case is one of the biggest sporting scandals in which a man dressed in women's clothes managed to fool his rivals.Gender researchers have also taken an interest in the affair.For the past few days Dora Ratjen has also been a character in a movie that claims to tell the "true story" with only "minor deviations." "Berlin '36" tells the story of a major plot in which Ratjen is a tool of Nazi racial fanaticism.The film, which opened across Germany on Thursday, tells the story of Jewish high-jumper Gretel Bergmann, who was grudgingly permitted to take part in the preparations for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, but then squeezed out of the German national squad shortly before the start of the Games.

"This interview gives everything that came before the appearance of being a documentary," SPIEGEL 35/2009 remarked critically.

In an interview shown at the end of the movie, Bergmann speaks about the case from her adopted home in the United States.

"She was forced to do it," she says of her erstwhile rival.

The movie "Berlin '36" is currently being screened in Germany.

It tells a story of a Nazi plot against Jewish athlete Gretel Bergmann, who was prevented from competing in the 1936 Olympic Games and replaced by a man dressed in women's clothes -- a dramatic story, but probably not an accurate one.

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